Don Bell Guitar Lessons

Professional Guitar Lessons in Baldwinsville, NY.


Call or email me to set up a lesson:

(315) 635-9375

donbellguitar [at] gmail [dot] com


Use mine! I have a variety of guitars available to use during lessons if you can't bring your own.


Don Bell's House


7877 Dewitt Drive
Baldwinsville, NY 13027

Conveniently located in Baldwinsville near the Clinton Heights development and 1.1 miles from the Rt. 31 & Rte. 370 intersection.


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For 35 years I've been playing and teaching rock, pop, blues, country, jazz, and classical guitar. I'd like to put my expertise to work for you.

Don Bell in teaching studio

Whether you're a beginner interested in playing the music you like, an advanced player working on specific refinements, or if you have professional aspirations I have the knowledge, experience and patience to help you achieve your goals.

I've taught students with a wide range of skill and interests including those who want to start their own band and perform with it in public, participate in school and church performing organizations, and prepare to major in classical guitar in college. Preparing for competitive activities like these involves not just acquiring the neccesary skills but benefiting from the experience of someone who has actually done it. I have.

Don Bell


How long will it take to learn the basics and start playing the music I like?

Most beginners start to play songs they pick during the second or third month.

What's the minimum age to start lessons?

I reccomend 9 but some of the best students I've taught started when they were 8. It really depends on the individual student. If he or she is patient and does well in school it's probably OK to start lessons.

Am I too old to learn?

The oldest student I've taught started when he was 80.

Should I start with an acoustic or electric guitar? Steel or nylon strings?

The type of guitar doesn't affect how well you learn the basics so it's best to start with what you hear on recordings you like.

What do you want to accomplish with each student?

Within the first six months you should be able to play at least six songs/pieces well enough to entertain yourself and whoever happens to be listening.

Hopefully you'll also become confident enough to enjoy playing with and for other people. Music should be a social activity, not just a solitary pastime.

By the time you stop taking lessons you should have the skill, confidence, and enthusiasm to enjoy playing the guitar at whatever level you choose - as a hobby or professionally - for the rest of your life.